[box type=”download”]This job is intended to be for a college student. While a CS major seems the obvious choice, if you can do the job I don’t care what your major is.[/box]

[box type=”info”]This job is listed on ACU’s CareerLink system if you’d rather apply there.[/box]
At Reactuate Software we solve people’s problems. Primarily these are business problems and involve creating custom software. We’re always working on multiple projects at the same time. This means you will get to experience many different technologies and learn different skills. You many be moving a client’s WordPress based site from one server to another one day, and writing Python scripts to reconcile data from one database to another the next day. You’ll get to work for diverse and fascinating clients like a NYT best-selling author, one of the largest costume stores in America, and a local small business.

You won’t be on your own. You’ll work under a developer with over two decades of experience, who’s work for small companies making anti-virus software to large companies like Apple Computer. He’ll teach you not just how to get things working, but how to do them in a high quality, professional way.

Reactuate Software is looking for a technical, quick-learning, part-time person to work on various projects.

Minimum requirements:

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  • An understanding of the installation and configuration of open-source web applications like WordPress.
  • Basic understanding of programming, especially the languages PHP, Objective-C, and Python.
  • A desire to do things the right way.
  • A belief in the value of source control, proper documentation, and the principle of DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself).
  • Use of MacOS based tools including Xcode, BBEdit.


Bonus experience:

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  • Vagrant based development, specifically with Linux based virtual machines.
  • WordPress/BuddyPress including installation, configuration, theme development/modification, and plugin development.
  • Magento configuration and modification.
  • Programming custom applications in PHP.
  • Writing code in PHP or Python for integration with web applications via SOAP APIs.
  • iOS development.


The position is part-time (10-30/hrs week) and task oriented. Hours are flexible as long as the tasks get done.

To apply send your resume, along with a cover letter explaining why you’d be a good fit for this job to jobs@reactuatesoftware.com. Cover letter should include links to code you’ve written or projects you’ve been a part of if available.

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